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High Impact Prevention (HIP) and the Mpowerment Project

The NHAS is a call to action to better address HIV among gay and bisexual men (particularly among men of color), to concentrate on geographic areas consistent with the epidemic, and to expand HIV prevention with people living with HIV.

'High Impact Prevention' (HIP) includes increased HIV testing, Condom Distribution Projects (CDPs), as well as linkage into and maintenance in care for those living with HIV. The NHAS identifies combining social, behavioral, and biomedical approaches as having the greatest impact on HIV prevention.  It also recommends expanding access to HIV prevention services “with the greatest potential for population-level impact. 

After a careful analysis of the NHAS, 
we believe that the Mpowerment Project
is fully consistent with this strategy.

The Mpowerment Project is a combination approach to HIV prevention

CBOs implementing the Mpowerment Project (MP) combine social, behavioral, structural and biomedical HIV prevention in their programs. The methods MP uses to change social norms in a community about safer sex for HIV- and HIV+ men can also be utilized for regular and frequent HIV testing. These programs strategically distribute hundreds of thousands of condoms to young gay and bi men every year and create social norms that support condom use and safer sex.  MP Coordinators offer HIV testing services to their members and refer young men to appropriate HIV testing programs. HIV positive members are linked to care and find a supportive and welcoming home in MP.  

The MP’s adaptability and methods make it a promising approach to use to disseminate information and to mobilize men to learn more about promising new HIV prevention strategies such as PrEP, or future vaccines or microbicides.

Mpowerment YVR | Vancouver BC |

This community-level intervention has great potential for population-level impact

A 2004 analysis by the RAND Corporation found that the MP had the potential to cost-effectively prevent the largest number of new HIV infections compared to other approaches.  The MP is one of only a handful of evidence-based, community-level interventions, and is the only one that develops and brings relevant safer sex and HIV testing messages to the next generation of gay men. It mobilizes populations of young gay and bisexual men to perpetuate and reinforce safer behavior. 

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The GMHC Crew | Mpowerment Fairfax VA

Mpowerment mobilizes gay and bisexual men of color

AIDS has claimed the lives of more than 300,000 gay and bisexual men in the U.S. Gay and bisexual men account for 53 percent of the country’s estimated 1.1 million people living with HIV and for 57% of all new HIV infections. One analysis predicts that a gay men who is 18 years old today faces a two in five chance of becoming infected with HIV by the time he is 40. High rates of HIV among gay/bi men are found in cities and towns of all sizes.  

The MP is one of only a few of evidence-based interventions for  gay/bi men, and it has been implemented by CBOs serving young African American and Latino MSM. The MP creates healthy communities of young gay/bi men, and puts HIV prevention into the context of young men’s lives. To address the HIV prevention needs of gay/bisexual men, the U.S. needs more Mpowerment Projects, not fewer of them.  

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M Society | Mpowerment Houston TX

Mpowerment reaches men living with HIV and HIV-negative men
The MP was designed to be a community mobilizing project for all young men in a community - young men living with HIV and HIV negative men together, as well as men who do not know their status. We encourage projects to create a safe place free of stigma and to develop anti HIV-stigma campaigns. Some Projects have created groups for young men living with HIV to come together to discuss issues important to them. 

Project Spaces also provide information on accessing comprehensive counseling or case management services to link young, HIV-positive men to care.  Informal outreach, one of the MP’s core elements, can be used to help encourage HIV positive members to access treatment and take their meds. Risk reduction messages are aimed at both positive and negative men.

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Encouraging HIV testing within the Mpowerment Project

The MP encourages peers to talk to their friends about the importance of knowing your HIV status by getting tested regularly, and getting into treatment if HIV-positive.  The Project Space also has referral information on HIV testing sites and services, and the staff of most MPs are trained to provide HIV testing and counseling for their MP participants.

When you register at, you gain access to all of our materials - including the Mpowerment manual. It’s full of content and best practices from projects implementing across the country. It discusses how MP can be used to motivate men to obtain testing. The site features short 10-minute audio-sldieshows specifically for Executive Directors, Funders, and Supervisors. Watch them and let us know what you think.

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Somos OC | Mpowerment Orange County CA

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African American & Men of Color Mpowerment Projects

We’ve been busy conducting research on how the Mpowerment Project can be best tailored for African American young adult gay and bisexual men.  Download our free our adaptation and implementation documents.

Mpowerment Projects by and for young adult Black gay and bisexual men. 
Scroll down to find their contact information.
  • The D.E.N.I.M. Collection - Washington DC
  • United Black Ellument (UBE) - Dallas TX
  • ME + U – New Orleans LA
  • Project LOL ( Living OUT Loud) - Jersey City NJ
  • Project PAUZE - Paterson NJ
  • Power House – Charlotte NC
  • Mpower U -  Miami Men's Mpowerment Project – Miami FL
  • Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center -OH
  • ABBA Mpowerment - Dayton OH
  • M Society - Houston TX
  • Brooklyn Men (K)onnect - NY
  • The GMHC Crew - Fairfax VA
  • BETA Mpowerment - Memphis TN

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The D.E.N.I.M. Collection - Washington DC
(D)eveloping & (E)mpowering (N)ew (I)mages of (M)en -- D.E.N.I.M. is a community center for 18 to 29-year-old gay, bisexual, and same gender loving men of color. Our mission is to engage, educate and empower members of the gay community, particularly young gay men of color.

United Black Ellument (UBE) - Dallas TX
U-BE is young Black gay and bisexual men 18-29 cultivating knowledge and creatively building community.

ME + U – New Orleans LA
ME + U is a group for young gay and bisexual black men. Through regular meetings, the group seeks to build a greater sense of community for black gay and bi men while also promoting safe sex. We plan regular events and activities in the community and also have regular gatherings at our space on Esplande Ave. Come hang out, meet new people, and get involved along the way! 
Me + U | Mpowerment New Orleans LA

Project LOL - Jersey City NJ
The heart of Project LOL is our Drop-In Center, a SAFE gathering space where young men can relax, meet, support, mobilize and inspire one another. We offer a second HOME, an environment where young men can talk and encourage each other about issues that are important to us, including safer sex.

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Project PAUZE - Paterson NJ
Project PAUZE is an GBT resource center and gay/bisexual men's social group in Paterson, NJ. We are committed to providing quality spaces and opportunities for GBT to socialize, learn and have fun!
Project PAUZE on Facebook

Project PAUZE | Paterson NJ

Power House – Charlotte, NC
The space boasts free wifi, meeting areas, flat screen TV, social events, healthy living programs and parties. The MPowerment Project (for 18-29 gay, bi, curious men of color) and Many Men, Many Voices (for 25-25 gay, bi, curious men of color) are also housed in the POWERHOUSE.

Power House | Mpowerment Charlotte NC

Mpower U – Miami, FL
Our mission is to provide a fun, safe and empowering place for young Gay and Bisexual, discreet MSM from ages 18 and up.
Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center - Columbus, OH
GCMC is committed to being at the forefront of HIV prevention, education, and advocacy for the same-gender-loving Black and Latino male community. We also strive to be a visible voice and a vehicle for accountability with the goal of ending stigma and providing mental and social support.

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ABBA Mpowerment- Dayton OH 
ABBA (Aspiring Beyond Belief and Adversity) Mpowerment is for gay, bisexual and transgender community. We serve to educate, inspire, empower, and motivate and so much more! 
ABBA Mpowerment on Facebook 

M Society - Houston TX
M-Society: A place, a movement, a change.....for our own, by our own. M-Society is a project for Houston's GBT men, 18-29 years old. Call for more information 832-730-4422.
M Society on Facebook | twitter:  @MSocietyHouston

M Society | Mpowerment Houston TX

Brooklyn Men (K)onnect BMK - Brooklyn NY
Connect with other men, get all the latest news and updates on what we're doing and where we're going to be in the NYC area.

The GMHC Crew - Fairfax VA
"The Gay Men's Health Collaborative exists for the social, mental and sexual health of gay/bi/SGL men of color ages 18-34." The GMHC Crew hosts events, workshops, and weekend retreats focused on the social, mental, and sexual health of men who are gay, bisexual and transgender."

The GMHC Crew | Mpowerment Fairfax VA

BETA Mpowerment - Memphis TN
"The Gay Men's Health Collaborative exists for the social, mental and sexual health of gay/bi/SGL men of color ages 18-34." The GMHC Crew hosts events, workshops, and weekend retreats focused on the social, mental, and sexual health of men who are gay, bisexual and transgender."
BETA Mpowerment on Facebook

HIV prevention for young adult Black gay/bi men. Download our free our adaptation and implementation documents.

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Be sure to connect with the Mpowerment Project on Facebook and Twitter.

QUESTIONS?  Making high-impact HIV prevention possible for Community Based Organizations: Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) services available. via University California San Francisco Center for AIDS Prevention Studies.

Latino Mpowerment Projects

  • Ambiente Latino - Framingham MA 
  • Proyecto Nosotros - Río Piedras, Puerto Rico
  • Generation L - Chicago IL 
  • Somos Latinos Salud - Ft. Lauderdale FL
  • Latinos D - New York City NY
  • ¡Holatinos! - Queens, New York City NY
  • Oasis Latino LGBTS Wellness Center NY
  • Somos OC - Orange County CA
  • De Colores - Oakland CA
  • Adapting the Mpowerment Project for young adult Latino bisexual and gay men.
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Day of the Dead themed outreach SOMOS OC | Mpowerment Orange County CA

Ambiente Latino in Framingham Massachusetts   
"Quienes somos y que hacemos! !Un grupo de hombres Latinos GAYS / BISEXUALES (MSM) entre 20-35 años que busca enriquecer la calidad de vida de nuestra comunidad latina."

Proyecto Nosotros in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico 
"Un Centro Comunitario donde la sexualidad se ve desde un punto de vista positivo, sin prejuicios, donde puedes venir a usar nuestro Cyber Café, participar de los conversatorios mensuales, hacer tus asignaciones, leer un libro o hacerte la prueba de VIH Rápida siempre Gratis y Confidencial."
Centro de Jovenes Puerto Rico Concra  Centro de Jovenes website

Generation L in Chicago Illinois 
 Generation L is focused on community-building and our members develop creative, fun ways to talk about how hot safer sex is! We hold social events, engage in community education and outreach, and provide a safe and identity-affirming space for other queer youth. Please join us at a meeting or event.

Generation L | Mpowerment Chicago IL

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Somos Latinos Salud in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Latinos Salud's Somos project offers a caring space, created by us, and for us. It is a welcoming place for young gay latin men to meet peers in their community. 

Somos | Mpowerment Wilton Manors FL

Latinos D in New York City, New York.  

Latinos D Mpowerment Brooklyn NY

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¡Holatinos! in Queens, New York City NY
Grupo de Jóvenes Gay Latinos (18 a 29 años de edad.) Los invitamos a ser parte de nuestra familia. 
¡Holatinos! on FB | ¡Holatinos! on Twitter

Oasis Latino LGBTS Wellness Center New York City, NY
Un espacio para que seas tu mismx! Empoderate de tu comunidad LGBTS aquí. The space to be yourself! Be part of an empowered LGBTS community here!

Somos OC in Orange County California
SOMOS es un grupo de hombres gay entre los 18 y 30 años de edad, radicando en el Condado de Orange en California. 
Somos OC Mpowerment Orange County CA

DeColores in Oakland California
DeColores on Facebook | DeColores on twitter


We have conducted research on how the Mpowerment Project is tailored and adapted for Latino MSM.  This document discusses how the Mpowerment Project (MP) may be adapted to meet the HIV prevention needs of young Latino gay and bisexual men. The document focuses on issues related to design and implementation of the MP model for Latino gay and bisexual men and is part of our research effort to help adapt MP and share best practices based on what has worked so far in the experience of community based organizations (CBOs) implementing MP with Latino men. In addition, we offer some recommendations on how to operationalize and integrate issues impacting Latino gay and bisexual men for CBOs to consider before and during implementation of MP in order not to compromise the integrity and the potential efficacy of the intervention. 
The Spanish version of the Mpowerment Project manual is a comprehensive guide to implementing the Mpowerment Project (see PDF below).  Module topics of the manual include an Overview, Core Group, Community Assessment, M-groups, Formal Outreach, and much more.   We sincerely hope it can help in your efforts to implement the Mpowerment Project with Spanish speaking populations.  
The Spanish version was developed by colleagues in Guatemala that we at CAPS adapted and refined. As you use it, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and comments on how to improve it.
La versión en español del manual del Proyecto Mpowerment es una guía comprensiva sobre cómo implementar el Proyecto Mpowerment. Tópicos de los módulos del manual incluyen un Resumen del Proyecto, Grupo Impulsor, Grupos M, Alcance Formal, y mucho más. Esperamos sinceramente que esta guía ayude en sus esfuerzos para implementar el Proyecto Mpowerment con poblaciones que hablan español.
You can access and download both the Mpowerment Latino adaptation guide and the MP manual in Spanish by registering at Mpowerment dot org
Access this document at

Access this document at

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Bridgemen social group aims to empower Gay, Bi, Trans men | Mpowerment San Francisco CA

Published 06/27/2013 in the Bay Area Reporter BAR | online

by Matthew S. Bajko

Two-dozen men in their 30s and 40s had gathered in a back room at Castro gay dance club the Cafe one weeknight in May. They broke into smaller groups to finish the sentence, "One time I got drunk and I ..." After about 10 minutes each group selected the best story and reported it back to the rest of the men. The alcohol-infused escapades ranged from college tales to more recent experiences and the retellings elicited laughter and smiles from those in the room.

"The moral of the stories is sometimes when we are drunk we don't take care of ourselves," said Frank Stenglein, who encouraged those present to watch out for themselves and each other, particularly during the city's annual Pride celebration.

Bridgemen volunteering with Ed Lee, the mayor of San Francisco

The meeting was a monthly get-together for members of Bridgemen, a program sponsored by the Stop AIDS Project that launched two summers ago shortly after the 2011 Pride festivities. It is aimed at empowering middle-aged gay, bisexual, and transgender men in the city by fostering friendships and organizing volunteer opportunities.

"If men are engaged and more involved then they will have life experiences and meet people and will be healthier and happier," explained Stenglein, 44, the Bridgemen program manager. "For men in middle age, suicide and depression is a big issue."

The group's motto is "strength, service, unity," and its name takes inspiration from the Bay Area's iconic span the Golden Gate Bridge, built to connect San Francisco and communities in Marin County.
"Part of the intervention is getting men together to unite over something," said Stenglein, a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence known as Sister Violet Sin Bloom.

That is what attracted Bernal Heights resident Matthew Martinez, 48, to the group. He had been looking to meet men in a social setting and happened to run into some Bridgemen in March.
"I have been in San Francisco for a while but really hadn't connected with gay men," said Martinez. "This was an opportunity to do volunteer work and join a community of like-minded people."
His partner of a year, Tim Winslow, 42, lives in Oakland and is working on his doctorate. Martinez doesn't go out to gay bars much and hasn't met many guys in his neighborhood.

"I just wasn't meeting people," he said. "I didn't have a gay outlet."

In just the few months since he has been a Bridgemen member, Martinez has made friends that he meets up with to have lunch or grab coffee. He also likes how the group is always planning different community service projects in which members can take part.

At Bridgemen events, added Martinez, "There is a lot of positive peer pressure. There is not a lot of booze here and is an alternative to drugs."

Modeled after UCSF program

The program is purposefully designed to be an HIV prevention intervention disguised more like a coffee klatch for men, whether HIV-positive or -negative, said Stenglein. In the case of Bridgemen, the monthly meetings end with mingling over pizza.

"We don't advertise it as an intervention because men in their 30s and 40s aren't interested in an intervention," he said. "We do talk frankly about sex, well-being, and health, that is really key."
It is modeled after the Mpowerment Project created by UCSF researchers with the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies. Begun in 1989 with grant funding from the National Institute of Mental Health, it was designed to reach young gay and bisexual men age 18 to 29 and help them to remain negative.
Studies have shown that the model is effective at reducing unsafe sex behaviors among participants. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists it in its "Compendium of HIV Prevention Interventions with Evidence of Effectiveness."

Bridgemen in the Castro raising money for the AIDS Emergency Fund SF

"When we developed Mpowerment, we were looking at what were the unmet needs of young men and if we could pair them with HIV prevention. We found there were very strong social needs to be with other gay men outside bars and hookup places," recalled CAPS Co-Director Dr. Susan M. Kegeles, a professor of medicineat UCSF.

Kegeles helped create the program with fellow CAPS researcher Robert Hays, who died of AIDS 12 years ago. Hays noticed that most AIDS studies ignored younger gay guys and decided to focus his attention on that age group.

"He realized there was a real need," said Kegeles.

The first group of men they worked with in Eugene, Oregon came up with the name for the intervention.

"They were responding to the idea of empowerment," said Kegeles. "They loved using empowerment spelled that way with the M. It stood for men."

Five years ago CAPS updated its Mpowerment materials to better reflect how the program is now employing online social media platforms like Facebook and texting-based services on smartphones. It also added an emphasis on the importance of sexually active guys getting regularly tested for HIV and STDs.

@BRIDGEMEN_SF | Mpowerment San Francisco
The program has been employed in 200 communities around the world. At present CAPS is aware of 70 programs using the Mpowerment model.

Kegeles is working on a project in South Africa with mostly gay black men in Ermelo, a rural township outside of Johannesburg. She also has a pilot program under way in Peru, working with gay men and transwomen together in Lima, the South American country's capital and largest city.

"It is so effective because it doesn't just focus on individual men's sexual risk behavior. We are not just working one guy by one guy to say you have to reduce your risk," said Kegeles. "What it does is try to build up a community that supports each other."

A first in San Francisco

Until the launch of the Bridgemen program, the model had never before been implemented in San Francisco. Nor had it been retooled to meet the needs of older gay men, said Kegeles, whose colleagues at CAPS worked with the Stop AIDS Project, which is part of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, on how to reshape the program to be relevant to men who have aged out of their 20s.

"They interviewed guys and what they found is guys a little bit older are really thinking about how to give back to the community and have a legacy of helping others. They've moved away from a time of self-focus and immediacy of development and forming identity into more of a state of wanting to help other people and put their efforts outward," said Kegeles. "A lot of guys are reconciling with themselves they will not have children – or happily recognizing they don't want children – but want a way to give back. Since their energy is not on raising kids, instead they want to put their energy on improving their community by doing something meaningful to help the world."

@BRIDGEMEN_SF | Mpowerment San Francisco
Thus, added Kegeles, "Bridgemen became much more focused on that kind of thing."
Seeing how HIV infections in San Francisco are increasingly among older gay men, Stop AIDS officials decided to create a program focused on men in their 30s and 40s. They have won funding each year from the CDC for the Bridgemen program.

In the past two years about 400 men have signed up with the program. The monthly meet-ups on the third Wednesday of each month can attract up to 60 guys.

Service projects have run the gamut from assisting with the AIDS LifeCycle check-in day to repairing salmon habitat at Muir Beach in Marin. A Christmas fundraiser netted $4,000 in donated toys for the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

This weekend Bridgemen members will be staffing the gates to the Pink Saturday party in the Castro.
"Our service projects are empowering our members," said Stenglein. "If eight or more men can get involved, that builds community and it helps the men to develop leadership skills, make friends and make San Francisco better."

That was certainly the case for Bridgemen member Josh Champeau, 30, who lives in the Mission district. After living in the city for four years, Champeau still felt "a little disconnected from the community."

He found it easy to find other guys to hook up with or date but had not found a circle of friends.
"I have an anxiety disorder and tend to be shy. It makes it hard for me to burst out of the shadows," said Champeau. "Bridgemen provided me with a sense of confidence."

He also liked the laid-back atmosphere and how welcoming Bridgemen participants are to new members.

"It is not overtly sexual. It is just a group of guys getting together, not only to do community service but to connect with other people," he said. "Some of my closest friends are now Bridgemen."

He also likes how the program's safe-sex messaging is very subtle and aimed more at helping participants to feel empowered.

"When you are empowered, you feel like you can take care of yourself and that I come from a community that is resilient and strong," said Champeau. "We need to be instilling that in gay, bisexual and trans men."

At the May meet-up first-time participant Ron Green, 34, left impressed by the experience. The Castro resident had moved to San Francisco two years ago, and like other Bridgemen, has found it challenging to make friends.

"This is an easy way for men in our age group to meet and get involved," said Green. "I got a good vibe about this group of people."

Bridgemen volunteering at 'Pet Warsh' for PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) 2014

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HIV testing done the Mpowerment way

Blending Mpowerment w/ Counseling, Testing & Referral (CTR)

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) requires that Counseling Testing and Referrals (CTR) be part of every Evidence-Based Intervention (EBI).  The Mpowerment Project is a useful intervention to promote HIV testing. From 2009 to 2012, testing was a core component at our Dallas TX Mpowerment demonstration project, United Black Ellument / U-BE

RESEARCH READ: Among young men who have sex with men (MSM) of color, participating in the the Mpowerment Project (MP) led to an increase in HIV testing and self-efficacy for safer sex after 3 and 6 months.  More herevia UCSF Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS)
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United Black Ellument - Mpowerment Dallas TX 2013

This occurs often in implementation of MP: an agency having a coordinator work 20 hours a week on CTR and 20 on Mpowerment (MP). This was not a good idea. CTR can overwhelm MP responsibilities, especially if you only have one coordinator and limited staffing.
  • Have the person conducting testing not be a MP coordinator. Have other agency staff (or other collaborating health organizations) perform testing. This ensures the complete anonymity of the tester and client.
  • Having the coordinators be test counselors might be unavoidable, if so really think through the implications - be creative in separating the responsibilities of CTR and the coordinators. 
  • For example, it might be better to have set hours each week when testing is available. Offer testing “almost as an afterthought” to project events. While having a movie night say “oh and if you want to be tested, it’s offered free with our fabulous health department friends in the next room.” When you do offer testing, consider how you will ‘casually’ offer testing.
  • HIV testing and the project space - at all costs, avoid having the project space have the look or feel of being a counseling and testing space. 
  • We recommend that you separate the responsibilities of the MP coordinator and CTR testing within the agency as much as possible. At our Dallas project none of our coordinators are going to do testing, they are going to focus exclusively on community organizing. We are bringing in another agency to offer testing at some events (not at large events however).

Men On Monday via the Q Austin, Mpowerment TX

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MP encourages peers to talk to their friends about the importance of knowing your HIV status by getting tested regularly, and getting on treatment if positive. 

Young men are taught to have these conversations in the three-hour small groups called 'M-Groups'. Young men listen to each other and discuss a wide variety of issues. It’s important that they have the opportunity to talk with each other about important issues such as HIV testing, sex, and treatment options. The Project Space also has referral information on HIV testing sites and services, and the staff of most MPs are trained to provide HIV testing and counseling for their MP membership.

Share these testing resources:
Testing makes us stronger - for gay Men of Color 
My reasons - for Latino gay men

MpowerOly - Mpowerment Olympia 2005-2011
Read more about the Mpowerment Project in the manual. The manual is a free download when you register at You can also download Module 1: Overview here.  Core Group and volunteers are essential Core Elements of the Mpowerment Project. 

Q Austin Mpowerment Austin TX 2015
Check out more of the The Q Austin, Mpowerment TX sandwich boards here:  This is a Facebook link: The Q Board.