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Best blogs on Core Group. The Mpowerment Project.

Core Group members are volunteers, as are the other volunteers of the Mpowerment Project. The Core Group is the decision -making body of the Mpowerment Project that designs and carries out all Project activities. It is usually comprised of 12-20 young gay and bisexual men, depending upon the size of the community. 

Core Group is one of 8 Core Elements of the Mpowerment Project.

DYK. The Mpowerment manual is free!  Module 5 is Core Group and volunteers.
Sample agendas, facilitation tips and more:  
Module 5: Core Group

RELATED:  The Mpowerment Project is a model HIV prevention program that has been specifically designed to address the needs of young gay and bisexual men.

Core Group advice from Mpowerment Projects

Building trust, creating FOMO and retention. How to build a strong Core Group.
via Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center (GCMC), OH.

How to mobilize a Mpowerment Project Core Group with few resources.  
via The Mu Crew, Mpowerment Dayton OH

How coordinators organize a highly functioning Core Group.
via Mpowerment YVR
 Vancouver BC

How to prepare for your weekly Core Group agendavia Mpowerment YVR Vancouver BC 

QUESTIONS?  Making high-impact HIV prevention possible for Community Based Organizations: Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) services available. via University California San Francisco Center for AIDS Prevention Studies.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Mpowerment Project at United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) Orlando FL 2018

We are attending the United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) in Orlando Florida September 6-9, 2018. We look forward to meeting you! 

What: United States Conference on AIDS (USCA): USCA
Hosted byNational Minority AIDS Council

What is The Mpowerment Project? A bio-behavioral community level intervention originally designed for young adult gay and bisexual men ages 18-29. ( ) 

Here at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS), University California San Francisco (UCSF) we are members of the Capacity Building Assistance Provider NetworkMore.

Follow the Mpowerment Project (MP) USCA adventures on twitter @mpCAPS #Mpowerment #2018USCA #USCA2018

Join the Mpowerment Project USCA Facebook Fan Page FB Link: ( ) for updates on Mpowerment related USCA information, Orlando FL travel information and more. 

Mpowerment Affinity and Reunion at USCA 2016


Scroll down for the following information:

  • The Mpowerment Project Booth 713 & 715 at USCA Exhibit Hall.
  • Mpowerment (MP) Reunion and Affinity Session. Friday September 7th.  6.30pm Celebration 1 & 2. Convention Level.  
  • Workshops, panels, sessions and posters of note, hosted by current and former coordinators of Mpowerment Projects across the country.
  • Are you working to prevent HIV in your community? We offer HIV technical assistance for CBOs and Health Departments.

Say Hi. Mpowerment USCA booth.

When:  Thursday - Saturday. 

Where: USCA Exhibit Hall Booth.  713 & 715 University of California. 

Visit us at Booth 713 & 715. We represent the University California San Francisco's (UCSF) Capacity Building Assistance Partnership. We are part of a partnership that offers a wide range of HIV services. We provide Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) for Community Based Organizations and Health Departments. Have a question about CBA, HIV prevention or HIV research?  Contact us

As members of the Capacity Building Network Partnership, with our colleagues at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) UCSF Alliance Health Project and the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health we are hosting at Booth #715.  Be sure to stop by and say hello.  Pick up our free swag (pens, notepads, bags and more . . . )

Click to Enlarge
Mpowerment Project Coordinators across the country are holding shifts at Booth 715. They are here to answer your questions about their own unique Mpowerment implementation. Drop by and meet them.

Thursday September 6th 10 - 11:30am Booth 715

Meet Jade representing GenderBrave, United Black Ellument (U-BE) and FUSE three Mpowerment Projects that are located in Dallas TX.
Gender Brave "is a project for transgender and gender non-conforming young adults 18-29.  Events are developed by the program's core group members."

Fan Gender Brave on Facebook

United Black Ellument "exists to enable young, black same-gender-loving men to fulfill their greatest potential for good - coming together to meet, socialize and learn to support one another."
Fan U-BE on Facebook and Follow U-BE on twitter.

FUSE "is a group for gay, bisexual, pansexual guys 18-29 in the Dallas metroplex."
Fan FUSE on Facebook and Follow FUSE on twitter.

Friday September 7th 10 - 11:30am Booth 715

Meet Elias from the M Factor Mpowerment El Paso,Texas.  "The M Factor brings together young adult gay and bisexual men ages 18-29 for socializing, networking, community building and learning."

Fan The M Factor on Facebook and Follow The M Factor on twitter.

Friday September 7th 1:30-3:30pm Booth 715

Meet James from The Power House Project Mpowerment Charlotte NC. 
Fan The Power House Project on Facebook and Follow The Power House Project on twitter.

Saturday September 8th 10am-11:30pm Booth 715

Meet LaMar from the Miami Men's Movement, Mpowerment FL. "This program provides social opportunities for young Black and Latino gay and bisexual men, while learning to take ownership of their health and share experiences in their community."


Mpowerment (MP) Reunion and Affinity Session. 
When: Friday September 7.  6.30pm
Where: Celebration 1 & 2. Convention Level. 

Who: Everyone is welcome to attend the Mpowerment Reunion and Affinity Session.  Do you fund, supervise or coordinate an Mpowerment Project?  This session is for you.  Network with other Mpowerment Project coordinators across the country. If you support community building and HIV prevention among young gay and bisexual men, we want you here. 

Click to enlarge


Workshops, Panels, Sessions and Posters of note.

Presentation: Addressing trauma in newly diagnosed HIV positive LGBTQ millennials w/ Dylan, coordinator of Mpower Entourage, Mpowerment Lake Worth FL 
Date: Sunday September 9, 11am
Location: TBA

Poster presentation: PReParing together: Community Mobilization's Role in Expanding PrEP Access w/ Elias, Coordinator of the M-Factor Mpowerment El Paso TX. 


Tweet me

Visit #Mpowerment at booth 715! Meet our colleagues @AHP_SF @UCSFCAPS Support HIV programs that build community as a protective factor.

#2018USCA  #Mpowerment 

Join us for a Mpowerment Family Reunion and Affinity at #2018USCA Friday 9/7 @ 6:30pm FB Link: Bring your Mickey Ears! (not required). via @UCSFCAPS #Mpowerment

Elias is sharing implementation best practices of @MFactor915 #Mpowerment TX. Friday 10-11:30am @UCSFCAPS Booth 715  #2018USCA #USCA2018 

RECOMMENDED: Beginner twitter pro-tips - just in time for USCA!


We are part of a partnership at that offers a wide range of HIV services for CBOs and Health Departments.  We specialize in these interventions:

HIV Counseling and Testing
Personalized Cognitive Counseling
Testing Together
Healthy Relationships
Social Networking Strategy
Project Start
The Mpowerment Project

We are here for you. Making high-impact HIV prevention possible for CBOs. Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) services available. via University California San Francisco (UCSF) Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS)

Mpowerment Affinity and Reunion at USCA 2016

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

We Have the Power! National Voter Registration Day. Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

"Historically, midterm election turnout lags dramatically behind presidential election years which is why we need your help."

 Scroll down to find:

  • Talking points
  • Partner with National Voter Registration Day (free).
  • Rock-the-Vote
  • Posters for your Mpowerment Project Space
  • When We All Vote
  • Sample Facebook and Twitter Posts
  • Share me - Articles of Interest  


Talking points

  • Every election, millions of American cannot cast a ballot because they do not know how to register or missed their local registration deadlines. National Voter Registration Day was created to combat this and make sure the American political process leaves no one behind.
  • National Voter Registration Day is the largest one-day effort of the year to register voters. It falls on the fourth (4th) Tuesday of September. This year, National Voter Registration Day is September 25, 2018.
  • Countless number of state and federal elections will take place in November. This underscores the need to get registered now.
  • Registering to vote is easy. You can start the process online at  
  • We encourage every Mpowerment Project to get involved! 


Partner with National Voter Registration Day
Sign up to partner: It's free.   National Voter Registration Communications Toolkit.
Facebook  Twitter

Planning for National Voter Registration Day Webinar.  Join us to get a snapshot of who's involved, how it works, and why you should start planning now for NVRD 2018.


Rock the Vote 

We have the power to decide the direction of our communities and our country.
We choose to fight. We choose to vote. Join us.
Before you can vote, you've got to be registered.
Rock the Vote Resources.
Share Rock the Vote's Online Voter Registration Platform


Posters for your Mpowerment Project Space
Click for graphics to download and share


When We All Vote
We can change the world. Are you ready to vote in the 2018 midterms?
Facebook  Twitter


Sample Facebook Posts

  • Celebrate democracy in America by registering to #vote on September 25. #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
  • Have you moved since the last Election Day? Make sure you’re registered to #vote with your new address! #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
  • National Voter Registration Day is in just [insert amount of time]! Show your support. Sign up as a partner. #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
  • Register in September to #vote in November! Get registered now at #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
  • Did you know [ORGANIZATION NAME] is helping register voters in our community? We’re part of #NationalVoterRegistrationDay
Fan the Mpowerment Project on Facebook.

Sample Twitter Posts

Join us in celebrating democracy in America! #NationalVoterRegistrationDay 9/25.

What’s #NationalVoterRegistrationDay all about? Learn more at

Moved recently? Make sure you’re registered to #vote at your new address! #NationalVoterRegistrationDay

We are [insert amount of time] away from #NationalVoterRegistrationDay 2018! Join us!

We’re a proud partner of #NationalVoterRegistrationDay. Get involved & register to #vote at

Register in September to #vote in November. #NationalVoterRegistrationDay is 9/25! 
Follow the Mpowerment Project on twitter.


Read me. Share me - Articles of Interest
  • Young voters make up 31 percent of the electorate but have low turnout. via NPR 
  • Will millennials be the largest voting bloc in 2018, as Rock the Vote predicts? via PolitiFact 
  • Institute of Politics Spring 2018 Youth Poll.  Spring 2018 marks the 35th National Youth Poll conducted by the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School examining the political opinions and civic engagement of young Americans ages 18 to 29.  via The Institute of Politics at Harvard University

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Mpowerment Social Media Awards 2018

2018 Mpowerment Social Media Contestants:

AUGUST 1.2018 update:  Congratulations 2018 Mpowerment Projects! 

MOST ADDED Facebook 2018.  Click to enlarge.

HUGE on Facebook 2018. Click to enlarge.

Twitter MOST ADDED.  Click to enlarge.

HUGE on TWITTER.  Click to enlarge.


CONGRATULATIONS 2018 Mpowerment Projects!
2018 Mpowerment Social Media Champions:

HUGE on Facebook:  The Q Austin Mpowerment TX. 5484 Fans.
HUGE on Twitter:  The Q Austin Mpowerment TX.  1380 Followers.

MOST ADDED FANS (Facebook): United Black Ellument (U-BE) Mpowerment Dallas TX.  177 new Fans.
MOST ADDED FOLLOWERS (Twitter): GLAM Mpowerment Burlington VT. 16 new Followers.

CHUBBIE Award Facebook: Mpowerment Prince George BC. 20.55%
CHUBBIE Award Twitter: Holatinos Mpowerment New York City. .08%


2018 TOP 7 Mpowerment Projects on Facebook (by number of Fans)

The Q Austin TX
United Black Ellument Dallas TX
FUSE Dallas TX
Mpowerment Long Island NY
SOMOS OC Orange County CA
Project REAL Asbury Park NJ
Bridgemen San Francisco CA

Be sure to follow the national Mpowerment Project on Facebook.

2018 Top 7 Facebook!


2018 Top 7 Mpowerment Projects on Twitter (by number of Followers)
The Q Austin TX
GLAM Burlington VT
D.E.N.I.M Collection Washington DC
FUSE Dallas TX
Bridgemen San Francisco CA

Be sure to follow the national Mpowerment Project on Twitter.

2018 Top 7 Twitter!


WHAT? A Social Media contest?!?  Yes! Think of this as a little friendly competition between Mpowerment Projects (MP) globally. Just think, the more Fans and Followers your Project has, the more community-building and HIV-prevention goodness gets out and into your community.  BOOM!

The contest is on two social media platforms:  Facebook and Twitter

WHEN? This contest is held between Friday June 1, 2018  - ending Tuesday July 31st, 2018 11:59 PT.  

MORE: What is the Mpowerment Project?

TO ENTER: Post your social networking numbers along with today's date in the comment section below.

Include the social media your MP uses along with your current fans and followers. Include all of your social media if you want (Instagram / tumblr, Youtube, Meet-up  etc.) Enter by Friday, June 2, 2018. 

This competition is open to any Mpowerment Project, anywhere.

Starting in June we will post updated stats on where your Mpowerment Project stands regarding Fans and Followers.  

Join us for a Mpowerment Training.


CATEGORIES: There are SIX categories on two social media platforms. The platforms are Facebook and Twitter. The categories are:

HUGE on FACEBOOK: The Mpowerment Project (MP) with the most Fans on a MP Fan Page WINS.

HUGE on TWITTER. The MP with the most Followers on a MP Twitter WINS.

NEW FAN CHAMPIONSThe MP with the most added Fans between June and July on your Facebook Fan Page WINS.
NEW FOLLOWER CHAMPIONSThe MP with the most added Followers between June and July 2017 on Twitter WINS.

THE CHUBBIE AWARD. - The MP who has the biggest percentage change in Facebook Fans between June and July WINS.
THE CHUBBIE AWARD. - The MP who has the biggest percentage change in Twitter Followers between June and July WINS.


WINNING! In August the numbers will be tabulated and winners announced. 
Champions receive: 
1) Bragging rights and endless admiration.
2) A suitable for framing MP Social Media certificate of achievement.
Imagine this on your wall.
3) A social media shout out from the national Mpowerment UCSF/CAPS social media accounts.
4) If your Mpowerment places in the ‘top 7’ overall Fan Page Likes and Twitter followers,  your MP will be featured in Mpowerment training slides, presentation slides at conferences, MP printed materials and MP blog posts and tweets for the next year. 
5) The opportunity to publish your highly-coveted best-practices and winning strategies right here on the Mpowerment blog.
6) A compiled record of your social media key performance indicators.

The contest is on two social media platforms:  Facebook and Twitter
We want to help you win.  We will be sharing Facebook and Twitter pro-tips throughout the contest, STAY TUNED. 

NOTES:  Your Projects twitter account can be disqualified if it has not been used in the last four months.  The Chubbie Twitter - To enter your MP twitter, your account must begin with a minimum of 37 followers.

Check out last year's Social Media Awards blog.


TOP 7s FACEBOOK & TWITTER 2017.  Who you need to catch!

2017 TOP 7 FACEBOOK Mpowerment Projects (by number of Fans)
Our MSociety Houston TX
Project REAL Asbury Park NJ

Be sure to follow the National Mpowerment Project on Facebook. 

2017 Top 7 Mpowerment Project on Facebook

2017 TOP 7 TWITTER Mpowerment Projects (by number of Followers)

The Q Austin, TX
U-BE United Black Ellument Dallas TX
GLAM Burlington VT 
D.E.N.I.M. Collection Washington DC 
Mpowerment Long Island NY
M Factor El Paso TX

Be sure to follow the National Mpowerment Project on Twitter. 

Follow the Mpowerment Project on Twitter


Previous Mpowerment Social Media Award Champions:

2017 MP Social Media Champions:
HUGE on Facebook: Q Austin, TX 5138 Fans
HUGE on TWITTER: Q Austin, TX 1259 Followers
MOST NEW FANS: Project Real, Asbury NJ 268 Fans
MOST NEW FOLLOWERS: Q Austin, TX 108 Followers
CHUBBIE AWARD - TWITTER:  Project Real, Asbury NJ .36%

2016 MP Social Media Champions:
HUGE on FACEBOOK The Q Austin TX 4899 Fans
HUGE on TWITTER AMP Vegas NV 1350 Followers
MOST NEW FANS The Q Austin TX added 1828 Fans
MOST NEW FOLLOWERS The D.E.N.I.M. Collection added 238 Followers
CHUBBIE AWARD - FACEBOOK Holatinos NY 76% increase
CHUBBIE AWARD - TWITTER Holatinos NY 83% increase

2015 MP Social Media Champions:
HUGE on TWITTER - Vegas Mpowerment Project NV
THE CHUBBIE AWARD - twitter -  M Society, MP Houston TX

2014 MP Social Media Champions:
Most Facebook Fans Overall - FUSE, MP Dallas TX
Most Added Fans - FUSE, MP Dallas TX
Most Twitter Followers - Vegas Mpowerment Project NV
Most Added Twitter Followers - The Q Austin, MP TX


Be sure to connect with the Mpowerment Project on Facebook and Twitter.

QUESTIONS?  Making high-impact HIV prevention possible for Community Based Organizations: Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) services available. via University California San Francisco Center for AIDS Prevention Studies.