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PrEP. A new prevention option

Is Truvada™ (PrEP) a magic pill, a bad pill or somewhere in between? There are a lot of opinions on the iPrex HIV study - the program that introduced the Truvada™ HIV prevention pill. We must do everything we can to stop HIV.  Truvada™ will be one more tool we can add to the mix.  Stay informed.

When the iPrex study was released, 
it seemed to answer some questions, yet create more. 

Who makes a good candidate for Truvada™?  How accessible is a prescription? Will insurance cover the cost? If I don't have insurance, how will I pay for it? 

Why aren't more people talking about Truvada™ (PrEP)?

Truvada™ works as long as you take it as prescribed (one pill a day). Would you be able to commit to take one pill a day?

Keep in mind - even when using the HIV Prevention Pill/Truvada™  or PrEP - it is not a replacement for condom use.  From the Truvada website: "You must still practice safer sex at all times – Do not have any kind of sex without protection. Always practice safer sex by using a latex or polyurethane condom" Start Truvada website ™ via Gilead.

From the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) University California San Francisco (UCSF)  fact sheet on PrEP (link below). "PrEP should never be seen as the first line of defense against HIV. PrEP should be delivered as a part of a comprehensive prevention package that includes risk-reduction and adherence counseling, encouragement of condom use, and diagnosis and treatment of STIs."

Here are resources to help guide discussion:

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) | UCSF - At UC San Francisco is the world's largest research center dedicated to social, behavioral, and policy science approaches to HIV.

"What is pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and is it effective in prevention HIV?" CAPS Fact sheet on PrEP 

The CDC | PrEP basics

Fact Sheet: PrEP and PEP from BetaBlog - Looking for basic facts about PrEP and PEP? Start here for simple definitions of key terms.

My PrEP Experience-  Real stories from people who have chosen to use PrEP as one way to protect themselves from HIV. 

Project Inform | PrEP "Getting access to PrEP starts with an honest conversation with your health care provider. Find one you feel comfortable talking to about sex and who is able and willing to prescribe PrEP for you. You will need an initial assessment and blood work done before getting the prescription. And, even afterwards, you need to see him/her regularly. If you don’t have a provider, you may be able to access PrEP through local clinical studies and other services."

PrEPare for Life is The National Minority AIDS Council’s PrEP Education and Awareness program.

Positively Aware - Summer 2013 "The new revolution. HIV Prevention in a Pill"  Let's Talk PrEP | Special Issue

Positively Aware | Summer 2013
Mapping Pathways Podcast: PrEP Talk: Podcast link

Project RSP (Chicago IL) on FaceBook: Project RSP Fan Page Project RSP! (Ready, Set, PrEP) is a Chicago-based initiative to educate our communities about PrEP.

Black AIDS Institute:  Preparing for PrEP, Part 1: What Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Could Mean for Black Gay and Bi Men Preparing for PrEP

NIH: Questions and Answers: The iPrEx Study: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis as HIV Prevention Among Men who Have Sex with Men The iPrEX Study

HIV/AIDS Resource Center for Gay Men: iPrEx: First-Ever PrEP Efficacy Study Published - The Body PrEX | the Body

Truvada™ via Gilead: "Start here" Before taking Truvada™ for PrEP, here is important information to know. "Start here"

"Love may have another protector" PrEP Facts- Pilot research study involving the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF) and SF Department of Health.

Video: Three PrEP Myths Busted via San Francisco AIDS Foundation

"Check out our PrEP Facts materials to download including pt-provider brochure with checklist and billing codes."  PrEP Facts - Asset Library via San Francisco AIDS Foundation

How Well Do Condoms and PrEP Prevent HIV Among Gay and Bi Men? via a POZ Magazine Exclusive. 

No Magic Bullet, - Why Treatment as Prevention isn't just a 'Biomedical' intervention. No magic bullet

Condoms are less expensive and do not require a prescription yet they also require commitment and consistent use.
For doctors and providers: 

Engaging healthcare providers to implement HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis.
[Curr Opin HIV AIDS. 2012] - PubMed - For Doctors / Providers link

Project Inform offers booklets in English and Spanish: Order form for PrEP booklets

The Centers of Disease Control -  CDC | Resources for Doctors / Providers

PrEP facts brochure from San Francisco AIDS Foundation PrEP Facts | SFAF

My PrEP Experience blog:  Animated Video "What is PrEP?"

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