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How to configure coordinator roles and their responsibilities. Mpowerment Best Practices

The Mpowerment Project has multiple components that work together synergistically. It is important to implement all of the Mpowerment Core Elements

To do this most effectively, we recommend hiring at least 1.5 Coordinators dedicated to facilitating and implementing the Project. However, if the program is being implemented in a large city, 2 or more Coordinators are preferable.

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Implementing the intervention with one full-time Coordinator or two half-time Coordinators is possible, but more challenging. It is unlikely that the Mpowerment Project can be implemented successfully with less than a full-time person. It is important to recognize that the Mpowerment Project’s objectives are to change the social environment, build a supportive, healthy community of young adult gay/bisexual men, and mobilize that community to fight HIV. 

This simply is not possible to do with less than a full-time Coordinator. 

Learn to recognize what Core Elements are missing or need attention . . . be reflective!

Coordinator roles

The Project Coordinators serve three important functions of equal importance:
  • They are responsible for coordinating the Project and for ensuring that different activities such as Social Outreach Events, publicity, and M-groups are carried out.
  • They are the starting points (along with the Core Group) for the diffusion process, one of the Guiding Principles, that spreads the importance of knowing one's HIV status, PrEP as an option, as well as safer sex messages to all young gay/bisexual men in the community. Fighting HIV stigma, staying on meds and seeing a doctor regularly if one is living with HIV are critical messages to diffuse throughout the community. If one envisions the diffusion process as a pond with ripples emanating outward from the center, the Coordinators are the pebbles dropped into the pond that begin creating the ripples.
  • They facilitate the empowerment of the young gay/bisexual men who join the Project as volunteers. Empowerment of young men is another Guiding Principle of the Project. 
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Working together and dividing up responsibilities

Coordinators must be able to work effectively as a team because everything that one Coordinator does affects the work of other Coordinator(s) either directly or indirectly. For example, one Coordinator's ability to run M-groups relies on another Coordinator's outreach efforts that effectively identify men to attend the groups. This interdependence requires the Coordinators to work together closely, be in frequent communication, and know what each other is doing, particularly as it pertains to their own responsibilities.

An important way to foster teamwork and ensure that all tasks are being accomplished is for the Coordinators to have a weekly, regularly scheduled meeting.  At these meetings, they can go over each other's behavioral objectives.  To ensure that tasks are identified, assigned to someone responsible for completing them, and that progress is being made. The intent here is not to have Coordinators supervisor each other's work, but rather to ensure that tasks are being accompanied that fall within each Coordinator's area of responsibility.

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Coordinators should be outgoing, comfortable talking to strangers, passionate about HIV prevention and community-building, willing to share decision-making power, and enthusiastic about conducting all the Core Elements.

Configuration of two full-time Coordinator positions

Outreach Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the Project’s events, the outreach team, and publicity. This position also co-facilitates M-groups, Core Group meetings, and has administrative and evaluation responsibilities.

Small Group Coordinator is responsible for recruiting young men to participate in M-groups, making all preparations for M-groups, and co-facilitating them. He is also responsible for administrative and evaluation duties. 

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