Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Join us. Attend the Mpowerment Project training.

Want to make an enormous difference in the lives of young adult Gay and Bisexual men? 

The Mpowerment Project (MP) might be right for your agency. 

The MP remains a popular intervention for CBOs who want to make a difference in the lives of young Gay and Bisexual men in their communities. 

  • You will gain an in depth understanding of the Projects Core Elements and Guiding Principles
  • You will meet a others interested in evidence-based, community-building HIV prevention for and by young adult Gay and Bisexual men (18-29).
  • Learn how the Mpowerment Project achieves goals of High Impact Prevention (HIP).
National and State Health Department Funders, Center for Disease Control (CDC), Supervisors, Coordinators, Core Group and volunteers: 

Everybody is welcome.

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Mpowerment Training, San Francisco CA

"Thank you, this was really helpful. I'm excited to get back to work and implement everything I have learned."

The training is a low-cost, multi-day, introductory training that gives participants an in-depth understanding of the MP and the chance to interact with the original researchers and former Project Coordinators. Check our training schedule here.  For more information on MP trainings contact Ben Zovod at 415.476.6428 or email at Benjamin.Zovod@ucsf.edu.

Mpowerment Training, Columbus OH 

"I had a great time! You are amazing!"

A variety of online resources are also available, including social networking pages on Facebook and Twitter.  The Mpowerment manual is free.

We continue to offer telephone- based and web- based technical assistance...we encourage you to talk to us whenever possible.

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"Great training. I got so much out of this and I thought I knew so much. Really does go to show that learning is ongoing. It was great to see other agencies as they addressed some of the same struggles we have. Also, it feels amazing to know I have a new support system in all of the other Mpowerment projects in which I will be contacting. Thank you!"

Mpowerment Training, Newark NJ 

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"Great experience - Thank you for being so thoughtful, funny, and engaging. Keep up the good work!" 

Mpowerment Training, Denver CO
Coming soon to a city near you?

The UCSF Capacity Building Assistance PartnershipMaking high-impact HIV prevention possible.
UCSF Alliance Health Project

The Mpowerment Project is a research project of the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, University California San Francisco. 

We are a member of the CBA Provider Network

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