Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5 important questions for the Mpowerment Project to ask itself

Why is it important to conduct monitoring and evaluation? 

The Mpowerment Project (MP) was carefully designed and tested in several different communities to see if it was successful in reducing sexual risk behavior among young gay/bisexual men. 

The intervention’s success has been established through carefully controlled scientific studies. However, every community and community-based organization (CBO) is somewhat different, and each community and organization that decides to adopt the Project will need to adapt the intervention to its own unique circumstances.

It is better to have small, measurable goals and objectives than sweeping, unrealistic ones. 

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Evaluation can help answer some basic and important questions 

Five important questions the Implementing Agency and the Project should be asking itself include:

1. Are we implementing the Project with all the Core Elements and following the Key Characteristics of the MP

2. If we adapted the MP, are we conducting it with fidelity to the Guiding Principles of the original model? 

3. Was something left out or changed from the MP that may make the intervention more or less effective than originally demonstrated? 

4. What MP Core Elements are being delivered and to whom? How well are the MP Core Elements being implemented? 

5. Are we obtaining the necessary information we need to satisfy our funder? 

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READ ME. Module 12 Monitoring and Evaluation and all MP evaluation documents in word.doc format are free downloads.

MP monitoring and evaluation resources can be copied from the manual or downloaded from the mpowerment.org website

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