Thursday, December 13, 2018

Best blogs on Core Group. The Mpowerment Project.

Core Group members are volunteers, as are the other volunteers of the Mpowerment Project. The Core Group is the decision -making body of the Mpowerment Project that designs and carries out all Project activities. It is usually comprised of 12-20 young gay and bisexual men, depending upon the size of the community. 

Core Group is one of 8 Core Elements of the Mpowerment Project.

DYK. The Mpowerment manual is free!  Module 5 is Core Group and volunteers.
Sample agendas, facilitation tips and more:  
Module 5: Core Group

RELATED:  The Mpowerment Project is a model HIV prevention program that has been specifically designed to address the needs of young gay and bisexual men.

Core Group advice from Mpowerment Projects

Building trust, creating FOMO and retention. How to build a strong Core Group.
via Greater Columbus Mpowerment Center (GCMC), OH.

How to mobilize a Mpowerment Project Core Group with few resources.  
via The Mu Crew, Mpowerment Dayton OH

How coordinators organize a highly functioning Core Group.
via Mpowerment YVR
 Vancouver BC

How to prepare for your weekly Core Group agendavia Mpowerment YVR Vancouver BC 

QUESTIONS?  Making high-impact HIV prevention possible for Community Based Organizations: Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) services available. via University California San Francisco Center for AIDS Prevention Studies.