Tuesday, June 13, 2017

6 Mpowerment Best Practices using Twitter & Snapchat

Twitter is excellent for disseminating information and letting your followers stay in the know with your latest events and programmatic updates. Think of Twitter as your platform for quick updates, GIFS, and a space to identify trends. Here are a few best practices The Q Austin uses on Twitter:

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           Post it to Twitter 1st
When you have an announcement or promo share it on Twitter prior to other platforms. Users expect news on Twitter, so give the children what they want! At the Q, we also love retweeting LGBTQ breaking news and fresh celebrity gossip!  

Use the GIF keyboard
Twitter has the option to search and add numerous GIFs to your tweets! Search and select one of these moving images to add some energy to your tweet and, hopefully, increase your engagement!  GIF search on twitter.

Engage with your community
Twitter allows connections between a wide range of people both international and local. Most brands look to twitter as a bridge to their customers (current & potential) around the world and for all intentional purposes consider the handle a customer service opportunity. For The Q, I have found that quickly replying to my mentions and participating in Twitter chats are the most effective way to foster engagement.

Another great way to engage with your audience is to utilize Twitter’s trending hashtags.
If you are on your phone, open your app and from your “me” tab press the 🔍 as if you were to search for something and all the trending hashtags will appear for you to explore. On a desktop, go to your “home” tab and they will all appear inside a box on the left-hand side of your monitor.  Connect with other MPs by using #Mpowerment.

While it’s nice to review someone’s best practices, make sure you don’t make these mistakes.


Snapchat is a platform that has revolutionized social and has been challenging for some to realize how to present Project content that is relevant to the platform’s audience, while also being worth the energy invested into the app. Raw video is hugely popular. In fact, more people use Snapchat than Twitter in terms of daily usage

Here are the best practices I have found to work at The Q Austin:

     Tell A Story
It’s important to consider your end goal when planning and posting your Mpowerment’s content on Snapchat. Especially when posting to “my story," you will need to have a beginning, middle, and end. Ways that I implement this strategy is by giving a brief description of what event I’m promoting in my first posted snap, then main content, followed by an invite for viewers to join us at our next event. 

1   Create Geofilters
For National HIV Testing Day in 2016, I was able to run 2 different geofilters Marcus and I created to encourage clients to reach their friends with a message about taking the test and knowing their status. It cost us $5 per filter to be set up around our testing locations and we had testing staff and flier to let people know that there was an available geofilter around them.

Take Overs
Fairly often I give access of The Q’s account to our core group members, so we continue to keep our content exciting and relevant. I go over expectations and best practices with them such as avoiding profanity, nudity, or personal identifying information of clients. Also, I review the content they’re creating from my account to ensure everything posted is appropriate content. If anything needs to be removed it can be done by going to the story, selecting the snap to delete, and then hitting the trash can icon.

For more about video content and “going live” on other platforms, check out this blog post

via Taylor Stockett, Social Media Coordinator, the Q Austin. 

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