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How to create a Core Group Agenda: Mpowerment Vancouver best practices

Having productive and well functioning meetings is one of the keys to a successful Core Group, and preparing for good meetings is simple and doesn't take much time. Here are best practices from the coordinators of Mpowerment YVR, Vancouver BC

Mpowerment YVR is a Project of YouthCo

Agenda: Mpowerment YVR Core Group
via Mpowerment YVR Coordinator Handbook

Create the agenda on Friday and upload as a file on the Mpowerment Core Group Facebook group page. This way the core group members have the weekend to read the agenda and come prepared for the meeting. If something specific is asked of a core group member, make sure to contact them and see how they are coming along and if they need anything from you.

Check In
  • Everyone says their name, a brief description of their week/how they are, and everyone answers a question - you can create this question or offer it to the group Icebreaker / Team Builder
  • Have a few ready to go each meeting. If the group seem low energy then make sure to do an energizer, if the group seems unfocused then do an icebreaker to create focus, if there are a lot of new people in the group do a team building exercise to help get to know everyone.
  • Health Promotion / Discussion topic
  • Every couple of months, ask the group to write down topics they would like to discuss.
  • Each week choose a topic and have an open discussion about the topic for 20mins. This is also a good way to get members who are interested in facilitation to practice in a safe environment.
  • Upcoming Mpowerment Event Calendar information.
  • Upcoming event update. Have the team leaders present what they have created.
  • Restrictions with venue, time, cost, dates, budget etc. Group Planning/Reflection
  • Split into the teams: Safer Sex, Engagement (Outreach), Social Media, Design
  • Get each team to brainstorm and develop plan for the next week/s for this event Report back.
  • Each team shares the ideas that were brainstormed and creates roles and responsibilities specific for every core group member at the event.

The men of Mpowerment YVR

Open space
  • Always have open space. This is a chance for anyone in the group to share something they would like to share and wasn’t on the agenda. 
  • Ask the group if anyone has a check out question. Film YouTube channel episode. Check out the MPowerment YVR YouTube Channel: Click me. 

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To familiarize yourself with the Core Group, the decision-making body of MP download Module 5: Core Group and Other Volunteers a free download at

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