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Rock the vote | National Voter Registration Day. Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"2016 is a presidential election year, and we want every eligible American to celebrate our nation's democracy by registering to vote and heading to the polls."
  • Our hope is that every American will vote on Election Day 2016. But to vote in November, they must register in September. On Tuesday September 27, all Americans should make sure they are registered to vote.
  • Across America, communities are using National Voter Registration Day to celebrate our democracy by exercising our most basic right: the right to vote! Thousands of Americans will register to vote on Tuesday September 27.
  • National Voter Registration Day is the largest one-day effort of the year to register voters. It falls on the fourth (4th) Tuesday of September. This year, National Voter Registration Day is September 27, 2016.
  • In 2016, all 435 voting seats in the House of Representatives will be up for election. 32 of the 100 seats in the Senate are being contested. 12 state governors and 44 state legislatures are holding elections. This is one of the many reasons National Voter Registration Day is so important. On September 27, all Americans should make sure they are registered to vote.

On September 27, volunteers, celebrities, and organizations from all over the country will "hit the streets" for National Voter Registration Day. 

This single day of coordinated field, technology and media efforts will create pervasive awareness of voter registration opportunities--allowing us to reach tens of thousands of voters who we could not reach otherwise."

via National Voter Registration Day | Website

"Rock the Vote is the largest non-profit and non-partisan organization in the United States driving the youth vote to the polls. Fusing pop culture, politics, and technology, Rock the Vote works to mobilize the millennial voting bloc and the youth vote, protect voting rights, and advocate for an electoral process and voting system that works for the 21st century electorate."

Elect this!  We have real issues. via MTV

Vote 411 via League of Women Voters

Host your own 'Rock the Vote' event (download our event toolkit). 
Get your individual state election info now!  via Rock the Vote

Need posters for your Project Space?  Get out the vote. via Professional Association of Design

via Rock the Vote - MTV | Website

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