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We are here for you. Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) services available.

Let us know how we can assist your organization. We provide Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) to Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and you can always reach out to us directly. 

What is Capacity Building?

We are here to strengthen the abilities of your organization that will help facilitate achievable, measurable and sustainable results for your project.  Often times this is thought of as 'technical assistance'. Call us when it would be helpful to gain an additional perspective on the development and/or implementation of the Mpowerment Project. We can assist you in overcoming the obstacles that can inhibit your project from realizing its development goals.

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Think of us as people who can help clarify an issue, or someone to bounce ideas off of, or someone to work with to think about adapting the MP for your population.  
You could meet with us by Skype or conference call for a one hour one-on-one or team meeting session. Our technical assistance could be a series of three or four weekly sessions where we discuss Core Elements of your MP in more depth. You might sign up for a 3 day Mpowerment training. Together, we might decide a visit to your agency is best. Either way, all of our services are free and accessible.

We offer HIV technical assistance for Community Based Organizations and Health Departments. Contact us.

A few of our Skype sessions with Anthony, David, Liz and Charles.  Building communities for health.

We encourage you to open a CRIS request whenever you have questions about implementing Mpowerment. 

For in-depth or on-going assistance the best way to request assistance is through the CDC’s CBA Request Information System (CRIS). Be sure to include our name (University of California San Francisco CAPS) in your CRIS request.

Doing so will allow you to access technical assistance by our Mpowemrent Project (MP) specialists at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS) at UCSF, including phone, skype and web-based assistance. 

CDC directly funded agencies can access the CRIS request system here:  Capacity Building Request login | CDC funded sites | CRIS system.

If you are funded through your state or local Health Department (HD) you may access the CRIS system here:  Capacity Building CDC request system | non CDC funded sites  

Note: Your local/regional CBA coordinator will open the request for your agency.

Color in Common | Mpowerment Los Angeles CA

We encourage you to talk to us whenever possible. Call John Hamiga at 415.502.1000 ext. 66278 or Robert Williams at 415.476.6392. 

Our team plans to organize Mpowerment affinity sessions at most major HIV related conferences over then next few years and we look forward to meeting you.

Interested in attending the next Mpowerment 3-day training? We host them throughout the year in different locations. Call or e-mail Ben Zovod for more information 415.476.6428 or

We continue to be active on social media.  Follow the adventures of the Mpowerment Project global movement: 
SOMOS | Mpowerment Wilton Manors FL
The Mpowerment Project remains a popular intervention for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) who want to make a difference in the lives of young adult Gay and Bisexual men. The Project was designed from the very beginning to be tailored to the unique needs of each community. 

Those CBOs who have experienced the most success with the Mpowerment Project facilitated an empowering, community-building process among the young men in their community. They gave real decision-making authority to young men and found dedicated, skilled, and charismatic community members to work as paid staff, that is, as Project Coordinators. 

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Learn more about the Project Guiding Principles and Core Elements. Download the Mpowerment manual when you register at  

Attend the Mpowerment 3-day training. Contact Ben Zovod at 415.476.6428 or

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The Mpowerment Project is one of the Centers for Disease Control ( CDC ) effective interventions.  CDC Effective Interventions website

The UCSF Capacity Building Assistance PartnershipMaking high-impact HIV prevention possible with 

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