Monday, March 24, 2014

Latino Mpowerment Projects

  • Ambiente Latino - Framingham MA 
  • Proyecto Nosotros - Río Piedras, Puerto Rico
  • Generation L - Chicago IL 
  • Somos Latinos Salud - Ft. Lauderdale FL
  • Latinos D - New York City NY
  • ¡Holatinos! - Queens, New York City NY
  • Oasis Latino LGBTS Wellness Center NY
  • Somos OC - Orange County CA
  • De Colores - Oakland CA
  • Adapting the Mpowerment Project for young adult Latino bisexual and gay men.
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Day of the Dead themed outreach SOMOS OC | Mpowerment Orange County CA

Ambiente Latino in Framingham Massachusetts   
"Quienes somos y que hacemos! !Un grupo de hombres Latinos GAYS / BISEXUALES (MSM) entre 20-35 años que busca enriquecer la calidad de vida de nuestra comunidad latina."

Proyecto Nosotros in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico 
"Un Centro Comunitario donde la sexualidad se ve desde un punto de vista positivo, sin prejuicios, donde puedes venir a usar nuestro Cyber Café, participar de los conversatorios mensuales, hacer tus asignaciones, leer un libro o hacerte la prueba de VIH Rápida siempre Gratis y Confidencial."
Centro de Jovenes Puerto Rico Concra  Centro de Jovenes website

Generation L in Chicago Illinois 
 Generation L is focused on community-building and our members develop creative, fun ways to talk about how hot safer sex is! We hold social events, engage in community education and outreach, and provide a safe and identity-affirming space for other queer youth. Please join us at a meeting or event.

Generation L | Mpowerment Chicago IL

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Somos Latinos Salud in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Latinos Salud's Somos project offers a caring space, created by us, and for us. It is a welcoming place for young gay latin men to meet peers in their community. 

Somos | Mpowerment Wilton Manors FL

Latinos D in New York City, New York.  

Latinos D Mpowerment Brooklyn NY

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¡Holatinos! in Queens, New York City NY
Grupo de Jóvenes Gay Latinos (18 a 29 años de edad.) Los invitamos a ser parte de nuestra familia. 
¡Holatinos! on FB | ¡Holatinos! on Twitter

Oasis Latino LGBTS Wellness Center New York City, NY
Un espacio para que seas tu mismx! Empoderate de tu comunidad LGBTS aquí. The space to be yourself! Be part of an empowered LGBTS community here!

Somos OC in Orange County California
SOMOS es un grupo de hombres gay entre los 18 y 30 años de edad, radicando en el Condado de Orange en California. 
Somos OC Mpowerment Orange County CA

DeColores in Oakland California
DeColores on Facebook | DeColores on twitter


We have conducted research on how the Mpowerment Project is tailored and adapted for Latino MSM.  This document discusses how the Mpowerment Project (MP) may be adapted to meet the HIV prevention needs of young Latino gay and bisexual men. The document focuses on issues related to design and implementation of the MP model for Latino gay and bisexual men and is part of our research effort to help adapt MP and share best practices based on what has worked so far in the experience of community based organizations (CBOs) implementing MP with Latino men. In addition, we offer some recommendations on how to operationalize and integrate issues impacting Latino gay and bisexual men for CBOs to consider before and during implementation of MP in order not to compromise the integrity and the potential efficacy of the intervention. 
The Spanish version of the Mpowerment Project manual is a comprehensive guide to implementing the Mpowerment Project (see PDF below).  Module topics of the manual include an Overview, Core Group, Community Assessment, M-groups, Formal Outreach, and much more.   We sincerely hope it can help in your efforts to implement the Mpowerment Project with Spanish speaking populations.  
The Spanish version was developed by colleagues in Guatemala that we at CAPS adapted and refined. As you use it, we would greatly appreciate your feedback and comments on how to improve it.
La versión en español del manual del Proyecto Mpowerment es una guía comprensiva sobre cómo implementar el Proyecto Mpowerment. Tópicos de los módulos del manual incluyen un Resumen del Proyecto, Grupo Impulsor, Grupos M, Alcance Formal, y mucho más. Esperamos sinceramente que esta guía ayude en sus esfuerzos para implementar el Proyecto Mpowerment con poblaciones que hablan español.
You can access and download both the Mpowerment Latino adaptation guide and the MP manual in Spanish by registering at Mpowerment dot org
Access this document at

Access this document at

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